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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bitten by the flu Bug

Things that made me happy today......
- finding enough energy to clean
- lunch with my sick son.  He actually wanted Chicken soup and crackers.
- the possibility of snow
- school is cancelled, but now my son won't miss his big day.  It will be postponed.

I have to wonder whether it was these lollipops that brought on this ugly flu bug?  
What started out as a nice warm sunny day, suddenly turned ugly and cold, and by the time we were finished with our Valentines Day shoot, everyone was suffering from Frostbite (a southern joke).  The temperatures went from 67 to 42 in less then three hours.  The kids were not wearing much, and although I shoved them into the bathtub as soon as we got home (sticky and cold???), both remained cold for quite some time.  Then they did not want to eat much of their dinner , which I am sure was due to the these YUMMY oversized lollipops you see.  It was such a treat to give them to the kids.  I remember being young and always fascinated with candy, so I could just imagine what was going on in their little heads.  Yes, they were yummy, and I got to finish what the little ones did not!  In retrospect, maybe that explains why I am not feeling so good either.  Fever, drainage, coughing.  YIPPEE!  Oh well, the month of February always brings on these lovely little critters, and I am just grateful that it is not the stomach bug.  

Although, I have been graced with the presence of two children these past few days, I have also gotten some sewing done.  Lovely.  I fear that I have been going through withdrawals from not getting the chance to sew up something nice for the kids.  I have worked hard at trying to always make some time each day to get at least an hour of sewing for myself in there.  So hopefully, I will finish up this cute little project that I am working on soon.

I also managed to clean the kids playroom - yet again.  Thought about an idea while I was lying in bed to move the couch so it hides the playing area and you cannot see all the toys cluttering the space.  Behind the couch I placed their big art table, so they can see the tv while working on their little "art projects".  It sounds sweet, but seriously it is always a mess.  I want Pottery Barn kids.  Those playrooms always look so cool, so clean and so organized.  Ha, dream on mommy.

So believe it or not, they have forecasted snow for tomorrow in sunny Florida.  I just got the word that schools have been closed tomorrow, and while driving home from daycare, sleet was hitting our windshield.  Can it be?  Will we see it?  Will the kids be introduced to snow for the first time in their life?  I grew up in NJ and Europe so snow has always been a part of my life.  How do you explain snow to children?  They have to touch it, walk in it, fall in it, slide with it, taste it, and see it to know how much fun snow is.  As a kid I remember getting snowed in in Connecticut.  The snow was so high we could not leave the house, until a neighbor would plow the snow away.  I loved thinking about school cancellations, and building snowmen, hot chocolate and wearing mittens.  Aaaaaaaaaaaah, the beauty of winter and how I miss it.  Of course, I cannot forget skiing.  Absolutely love the sport, however it is not just the snow that attracts me to this sport, but the natural beauty of the mountains and all the glory that comes with it.

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