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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun Filled Monday

Things that made me happy today.......☺
- Sewing
- Peace
- Friends
- taking a ton of pictures

Wow, what a day.  Although I have an enormous headache at the moment, surprisingly enough this day turned out to be a great one.  I guess the best moments really do happen when you least expect them.  I spent the morning cleaning, and believe it or not, managed to finish everything I had planned and still had enough time to sew.  That made me really happy.  I am addicted to sewing, and not being able to get on my machine every once and awhile really makes me grumpy.  It is my time, and I want it back.

However, a friend called me, and together we had planned to have a Valentines Day Photography session.  Since rain was coming in tonight, we knew that we would have to do it soon.   So together we dressed the kids, and brought them to a nearby walking trail where we tried to take pictures.  It is hard enough taking pictures of one toddler, well taking pictures of four toddlers was almost an impossibility.  I took 272 pictures, and I am happy with the 15 that I can keep.  As you can see each child got a huge lollipop and after that the sugar high these kids had kept them moving around.  Yes, we should have waited with the lollipops.  LOL.  Oh well, they had fun, and my kids fell into bed around 6:30 ready to go to bed.  

Instead of sitting at my sewing machine, and finishing up my dress I looked through 272 pictures, and decided to blog and go to bed early.   The fresh air got me tired and happy.  Hope everyone had as good of a Monday as I did.

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