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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Prince Charming

Things that made me happy today...... 
- watching my son perform today 
- listening to Olivia sing Barney songs 
- my doctor Dr. Pruse and her lovely assistant 
- knowing that when I arrived home today, I would be spending the next two days at home. 
- talking to a friend, whose husband surprised her yesterday by coming home.

Seriously, I have been running for the last three days, and I was so glad to arrive home this afternoon and know that I could finally tend to my house, which is in utter chaos right now. Well, it is to be expected, after having the children home for 14 days. Hard to manage when two toddlers are always looking for that one clean room to play in. Boundaries Jeannine, boundaries. Today, I visited Nicolas and his little fun filled day. Thanks to Darcy, I got another great keepsake, which was this picture of me and my son. There you go honey, now you have a recent picture of me too. LOL. The hair does not look that great, but mornings are hectic around here.
I called my doctor today. Since my mother is coming to visit next week, I will finally have the opportunity to have my blood tests run. My doctor has been on me about that, but she knows our situation and gives me a break. I also asked her a few questions, because my sinuses have been bothering me. I have had a headache for two days, and I know now that it is my sinuses and not a cold. Although I take my medication quite regularly, this cold weather really has a lot of people dealing with problems at the moment. I asked her if I needed to come in. She asked me a few medical questions, and called me back saying that she will phone in a prescription. What a great gal. Seriously, I just love it when I have a doctor that does not harass me or belittle me. She is like a friend of the family and I love her. Every year I get a sinus infection during this time of year. She could harass me and tell me to come in with both kids, but she knows and understands, and I think that is great. I recommend her to everyone I know. The same holds true for our pediatrician. They have a nurse that answers all your questions, whenever you need assistance. I don't have to go running into the office when I don't need to. I think that is great. Forget the money I save. I save time, and perhaps a bigger problem down the road because of all the germs that are in the waiting rooms. I find that fact to be much more important.

Just got in a goodie from Heather Bailey. I absolutely love the Nicey Jane Fabric, and plan on making an Easter Dress for Olivia. The great thing is that I can find matching green accessories for Nicolas everywhere right now. Although, we really don't do anything special for Easter, it is important to make the children feel special no matter what. The fact that we dress up, look for easter eggs, and set a tradition always meant a lot to me, so I intend to continue doing it for my own kids. Anyways, looking for a picture of the fabric, I came upon two new blogs (see links below) and some nice new patterns. WOW. Whenever I bump into one pretty thing, I find a ton more. How exciting. So enjoy all the reading, and let me know if you like what you see.
I also love the following fabrics - also all from Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Collection. They would make for lovely tops and bloomers or summer dresses.

Ok on another note, I just got done taking my color quiz. What color are you? Try taking this quiz.(http://www.truevaluepaint.com/content/Color/ColorQuiz.aspx) I think my results are dead on correct.

She is going to give me a heartattack. Tonight she went into the kitchen, found her antibiotics, managed to get the top open, and drank. She drank about two teaspoons and I had to call poison control. I swear that girl does everything she knows not to do. Thank goodness I did not have to rush her to the ER. Of course, making medicine taste like bubblegum does not help matters. I think medicine should taste yucky, and then it would not be so tempting. The same with vitamins. They see them as gummibears. Not the same thing. An hour later she is complaining of tummy ache and throwing up. I am bit relieved that it is out of her system. Darn me. I have to put those kind of things high high high. Let's hope she learns something too. Poor baby.
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