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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picture of our Bourgnonvilla taken with my Canon XS.

Life has a wonderful way of just finding a balance that may 
not be exactly what you want, but it works.  I have spent a 
week with the children, and getting many "housewife" things 
done.  Today I managed to complete 8 loads of wash, 
and tomorrow I will most likely have to conquer the three 
baskets of ironing I have, however I am relaxed and feeling 
a sense of accomplishment.  Once my To-Do List 
begins to shorten, there is a sense of  more "free time" in 
my life. I am enjoying it.  Yes, I do miss my sewing, and 
evenings filled with TV shows, but at least I know that 
the two most  important things in my life are being well 
loved and favored.  

My hubby has arrived in Kuwait.  He is living in a POD 
(yes those small containers), but it has electricity and air 
conditioning.  Since he could only pack one duffle bag 
of personal belongings, he has had to buy alot of things 
like sheets and comforter, alarm clock, small refrigerator, etc.  
I was not too happy with all of his expenditures, but I do 
want him to have a comfortable stay.  The temperature 
hit over 100 degrees yesterday, and the small dust/dirt/sand 
that lands on everything is very annoying.  It was good to
 hear his voice.  
My advice:  Give your husband a big hug today.  
I wish I could.

Have a Happy Saturday.  
We are enjoying the warm weather.
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