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Monday, September 21, 2009

A So-Called Sewing Day......Alot of nothing.

I dubbed today "Jeannine’s Sewing Day", however sewing was the one thing I did not accomplish today. The first thing I did was cancel my Honda appt. because I am tired of taking care of everything else and not me. Today I had three hours of free time while Olivia was in school, and I wanted that time for moi. All I had to do was renew my business license, and I was free to sew. Well, what should have taken maybe 15 minutes, took about 2 hours in trying to find a lost piece of paper. In the end, it was right where it should be. Next thing I knew, it was time to pick up the little one, do a grocery run, and rush home to pick up the boy from school. I did manage to trace the my next pattern though, but again my day was spent taking care of house and kids. This trend is beginning to frighten me, and yet I know I cannot manage my time any better then I have been. I have a full schedule, and without the help from hubby, I just cannot find the energy to stay awake any longer then I do. So Happy Sewing to my friends, and maybe tomorrow…………
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