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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time for Normalcy

A little project that I recently completed was covering these
ugly black magazine holders in red fabric to match the rest
of my sewing room. They look great,
and were so fast and easy to complete. Used a hot glue
gun to complete the project.

Yes, things are getting back to normal in my house, and today I realized that it was nice to let a little routine creep back into your life. Nicolas is loving school. He loves to leave in the morning, and return home to me. I love to see him leave, and I cannot wait to have him come home. It is a match made in heaven, and we are both enjoying this time immensely. I usually spend the mornings doing a quick clean up, and the rest of my time is with Olivia. I get to have some real quality time with her - something I have missed. This morning we took a walk, with her baby carriage. It was her idea. Then we headed over to Hobby Lobby just to see if they have something new. Of course, I did not come home empty handed, but I wont give away any secrets yet. My afternoons are filled with events lately. If I am not spending one-on-one time with Nicolas and his school stories, homework or stories, I am usually watching them play games. They love to put on rock star concerts while mommy watches.
I have been busy sewing, designing, and even embroidering, but my time is limited nowadays. I finally came to the conclusion that I just cannot sew anymore in the evenings. I am too tired to stand on my feet. So I decided to clean during the evenings or sit on the computer, and sew while the little one takes her nap. I slowly got her used to going to sleep around 11-12:30, so I have at least 1.5 hours by myself. Since both kids are up at 6pm, I make sure they are both in bed by 7pm and lights are out by 7:30pm. My days are longer - getting up at 5:30am - so my nights are shorter. No more burning the midnight oil for awhile.
I ordered this embroidery set from Huups. It is called Love and Peace. I have stitched it out twice already, and I just think it is too cute. Maybe because my favorite uncle used to drive one of these vans (in red) for the longest time.

Last but not least, here are some long awaited japanese fabrics. I found the box sitting on the front seat of my husbands car. How they got there I do not know. Our mail lady will not get out of the car (even though she should walk a bit more). She honks her horn, which means I have a package, and I need to come and get it. She complains every time she has to leave it at my door. I wonder if she decided to leave it in the unlocked car instead. She cannot be that lazy right? How utterly stupid, since I have two chairs on my porch that would hide anything you put there. Oh well, I was pleasantly surprised when I peeked inside the car and saw the package from Japan. The fabrics are just adorable, and I cannot wait to make a few things for Olivia.

I guess tonights post was extra long because I was just too tired to do anything last night. Maybe tomorrow night I will find a few more treasures to share. I am trying to wean myself away from the computer this month. It is National Sewing Month you know, so I will try and make it a point to sew something every day. That will be a challenge.To my husband, for making me so proud.
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