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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't come to my house to eat.......

Fun in the park
Olivia running through the park.

This is Reese. She is 3 years old, and believe it or not her eyes are really that blue.
She is a beautiful child, and a very good friend of ours.

November 5th, 2009

That’s right. You won;t find any food in the pantry, and believe it or not, I bought my first Hamburger Helper ever! STRESS…. – leads you to do all kinds of hilarious things. I mean seriously, given the ingredients I can whip up a beef stroganoff better then any box! However, I don’t have the time to cook.. No I don’t have the time to go grocery shopping. It is such a shame that grocery shopping cannot be done anymore under an hour. I want a little mom and pop shop to open up in every subdivision. Seriously. I don’t need half of the junk you find in grocery stores nowadays. I will expand on that another day.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my in-laws are about 10 hours away. Yup. They will be here tomorrow. So while I finish my last shop order tomorrow morning, I will be scrubbing the toilets tonight at midnight. Yeah, I better leave it at that before I say something I shouldn’t. They have been traveling from Oregon through the midwest, down the eastcoast for the last two months. I guess that explains why we have not heard from them. Then last Friday I receive an email. Amidst all my stress, haha, I get to have visitors.

Normally (when hubby is here, and it isn’t Halloween) I would be thrilled to have visitors. It’s been two months since I had anyone older then six at the dinnertable. But……. I cannot say that I am looking forward to running a marathon tomorrow through my house. Oh God, it looks terrible. No it looks awful. I have seriously neglected the house while sewing. Well, nobody was here to check on me, so why should I stress myself out. This is why? To make matters worse, ever since Nicolas got his bunkbed, we did away with the guestroom. So now I have to clean up everything in my room and make all the beds. Oh goodness, I am going to be a basket case tomorrow. Flylady would be very upset knowing that my sink has not been cleaned for three weeks. So ladies, be warned. Keep at least part of the house clean, because you never know who will ring your doorbell.

Good Night.

P.S. Lovely pictures of the kids playing the park during our weekly get together. The kids had Early Release yesterday, so we met to giggle, talk about our hubbies, the economy, and of course our growing pains with kids. It’s a nice change of venue that I truly enjoy and need.

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