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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take a deep breath......now exhale.

November 4th, 2009

Before I tell you about the above picture, let me say Thank You to all my friends for their lovely words on yesterday's post. Believe me I took a long time to think about this, and knew that once I felt happier three weeks ago without all the stress from my shop, I had no other choice. I really have enough on my plate, and the next few months are filled with so much joy and excitement, I would hate to ruin that as well as my love for sewing. I thought maybe getting ready for Christmas season would boost my morale and spirits, but instead it created alot of havoc in my life. We will see how things go, but I have to admit I already feel like someone has removed a large load off my back.

The above picture is Olivia's little best friend "A_b_ery!", also known to us as Avery. The dress is a PDF pattern her mother bought from Etsy - The Knot Dress. Her mother and I have become great friends, and she is an incredible photographer . Three weeks ago, I spent two days helping Sarah learn how to sew. I took her fabric sewing, and she managed to put this little beauty together. I say Bravo. Sarah even picked the fabrics out herself, and I think she did a great job. I applaud her efforts, and need to get her to sew another one, so we can have another mommy join the ranks of SAHM/sewing enthusiast. PARTY!!!!!! We can never have too many sewers out there.

One of my newest hobbies has been photography. With the help of my friends, picture taking has become a lovely addition to my life. It is alot of fun to spend time with your kids, and in that same moment capture perfect story-telling pictrures that you will cherish for a lifetime. I do so enjoy art in every form, and there are some lovely - no gorgeous - breathtaking pictures out there. It has become my objective to learn photography, and hopefully enjoy it as a hobbyist. So every once and awhile I will have to share one or two tidbits about that along with my sewing, cooking, and interior decorating.

Recently, I learned about Jodi's blog called
MCP Actions. She shares wonderful photography, photoshop tutorials, and creates actions that help ease our workload when editing pictures. Oh, don't think that taking pictures is all you have to learn. Oh no, learning everything about photoshop, is almost just as difficult. Hard, but fun. Sort of like sewing. Well, I recently purchased a set of actions from Jodi, and here is a before and after look at something I created.


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