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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sad News

November 3, 2009

I have a hundred things to do – no I take that back – a million things to do, but the only thing I want to do is spend some time with my blog.

My client order is due, my in-laws are coming on Friday, my house is………. Well let’s just say a wreck to put it mildly, and my thoughts are everywhere except where they should be. They have been centered on the kids, the fact that I miss my husband, my friends, and oh well I guess you could say LIFE in general. I am tired of being stressed out, tired all the time, and grumpy.

So taking things into my own hands, and trying to minimize my frustration, I have decided to close Kinder Kouture (well, let’s not go overboard – put her in vacation mode). Indefinitely or until Lance gets home. I have learned that whether Olivia is in daycare, Nicolas is in school, and I have the entire day to myself, nothing else is as important as my family. I have realized that unless my life, my house, looks perfect, I don’t want to work for anyone else. I know that sounds soooooo incredibly selfish, but I want to be a good mom and set good examples for the kids.

I remember a time when my mom had to go to work because my father was in the hospital for a very long time. I remember coming home and the house was not as clean as it always was,. I remember missing the usual things we did together, because her working took away so much of our time together. When I clean up the kids rooms (usually on Monday’s) Nicolas is always so happy. It is as if I just gave him Christmas. He loves to spend hours in his room after I clean. Now, if only I could understand why he gets it so messy, but that is entirely a different subject. My point is that my job as mom is not from 9-5, or 5-9, and I never know how long my day is or how how long it will be. When things start piling up, and I have a deadline, how do I explain that to a client without sounding like an unorganized bimbo. You get my point. No more excuses, no more frantically running about, and staying up all hours of the night. I know that this is the start to freeing up time in my life, and although I will miss it, I know I will have to learn to caress my ego in other ways
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