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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Found these on Flickr. Love the embroidery and the combination of fabrics.

Posted on IINU's blog. Gorgeous adaptation of the Farbenmix Quiara Tunic. Just look for a finnish-english translator and enjoy her blog. She sews beautiful clothing, and she has a fabric shop.

I am in a terrible mood lately. Not enough sleep, and no food in my stomach. I hate when I feel this way, and act this way, but nothing I do makes me feel better accept peace and quiet. I would have to drive the kids to the end of the earth to get that, so I will just have to survive the next few days in some other way. Or should I say they will! LOL. Anyways, I am heading off to bed early, and so are the kids, hoping that tomorrow the sun will be shining, a permanent smile will be glued to my face, and I won't miss hubby so. Only 64 days until he's back in my arms, and every once and awhile I go through this "miss him so much" phase. Forgive me.

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