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Monday, November 9, 2009

REST..........Relax, Eat, Sleep and Tropical Storm IDA

November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday..........can’t stop that rain........

The house is clean, and I am extremely relaxed.  Closing down my store gets me all excited knowing that I can concentrate on so many other things.  I am so excited to make Olivia a few winter staples, as well as make some more tees for Nicolas.  I really want to dive into cooking and baking again this season.  It is a lovely way to give to others during the holiday season.   Of course, I want to make it extra special for hubby’s return, and although he has stayed away from sweets for almost a year now, he will not be able to resist my cooking.  Right? 

I bought myself a new camera lens this weekend.  Nothing too expensive.  Took my recent earnings and bought a Canon 50mm 1.8F and it is lovely.  Crisp, sharp pictures.  Also am in the middle of taking an online class for RAW processing to improve the quality of my editing. 

I was hoping that I could get some sewing done this week with no soccer practices, the house being so clean, but now that the kids will be home, I may have to change my plans.   

The kids had a lovely time with their grandparents.  Nicolas loved having a man in the house again.  He needs to be rough every once and while, and Grandpa Bill gave him alot of attention.  Olivia loved all the attention, and I surely enjoyed the relief.

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