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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Have you ever woken up and felt like you were moving along like a slug?  Slowly creeping out of bed, but not exactly thinking clearly.  Getting nowhere fast.  Well, that is pretty much my feeling for today.  I woke up late, got out of bed late, and stayed in my pajamas way too long.

It started a few weeks ago, when my computer gave me problems.  I recently purchased Photoshop for the computer, and combined with the amount of pictures I have been taking, the computer has slowed down so much that I finally reached the maximium output of this thing.  So, in every free moment I had, I did my research.  Is the program that has caused all this mess?  Is it my pictures?  I moved them all over to an external hard-drive.  Well, I will just upgrade.  If I need more memory and a bigger hard drive then I will buy them.  HA.  No go.  My motherboard/processor cannot handle all this new fangled stuff, so now I am looking at purchasing a new computer.  I have a computer friend, so I called him.  He spends all day repairing PC's, and his recommendation - buy a Mac.  Great.  I did not need to hear this, even though I had already checked out their site.  I know that with all the images I process - both embroidery and camera images that it was inevitable that when I ask what I should buy, everyone would recommend the same thing. 

My brain needs time to take all this in, and process this.  Do I really want a 1500 dollar gift for Christmas?Is it a good investment?  I could not get my mind off of this important decision, when it suddenly occurred to me that my husbands old store carried Imacs.  He was just given a 20percent gift certificate for his 20 years in the service, so that could give me a $300 savings plus no tax.  That makes everything a little better.   But only a little.


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