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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mother and Son

Today, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to spend a day with my son.  After dropping Olivia off at daycare, I tried to drop off Nicolas to get some Xmas shopping done, however the daycare wanted another $50 for registration fees, which went against everything I stood for.  I mean if you pay a registration fee once, why pay it again a year later right.  It is just another way of squeezing money out of the customer for no apparent reason.  Seriously, all of his paperwork is still the same, and nobody needs to reregister him.  So I asked him whether he wanted to stay at the daycare and go on the fieldtrip, or go shopping with mommy, and he jumped at the chance to say mommy!  So together we went on an excursion to the mall, and went from computer store to computer store, with little detours to candy shops and so forth and had a grand old time together.  I have always loved to shop with Nicolas.  He rarely acts up, and listens very well, unlike my little girl.  We talked, and kissed, and hugged and I felt no guilt that Olivia was not there to experience our fun outing.  We had alot of fun together, and five hours later, we decided it was time to go home and pick up Olivia.

My decision on buying an IMac has been thought over, and I decided that I am going to go with a PC.  The PC will cost me about $1200 less then the Mac, and I just cannot convince myself - nor could anyone else - that the Mac would be a better computer.  Although, the thought of buying an Imac really got me excited, my wallet has decided for me.  I am going to hold off on my purchase as long as I can until I see some sales.  Hopefully that will happen sooner then later.
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