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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Facebooks Five Most Annoying Parents

The above vintage card came from another dear and funny blogger I have come to know - Freckled Hen.  She has posted several beautiful pictures on her site, and if you cherish this type of artwork, please go and take a look.

I woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  What a difference from the last several days.  It felt good, and it got us up and moving.  We did our normal thing today and  visited Starbucks.  I think it is becoming a tradition to hit Target on Saturday and sit and drink and eat.  The kids loved it, and today they got a huge sugar cookie.  I tasted it to see how sweet it was, and was absolutely shocked at how little sugar I tasted.  It was actually quite good.  We managed to get a haircut for Nicolas, go grocery shopping, and sell Nicolas' old bed on Craigslist.  We even made a huge snowman out of cotton balls (with paper and Elmers glue), while sipping hot chocolate and eating Xmas cookies.  So busy, relaxing, and fun.  The day was over quickly, and I have only three more days until Hubby is in my arms.  A little excited here - and nervous.

I read a great article posted on Yahoo today called "Facebooks Five Most Annoying Parents".  What category do you fall in?  The bragger parent, the whiner parent, the cool parent, the obsessed parent, or the Zen parent?  I warn you right now that the comments were not nice, but I liked the article.
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