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Monday, December 21, 2009

Less then 12 hours left.

My little Miss Olivia is sick.  She has the flu and a sinus infection or sinusitis.  So the last two nights have been very strenuous.  She stayed up coughing all night long on Saturday.  On Sunday she was running a high fever most of the night.  I finally called the doctor on Sunday night, and got her some antibiotics.    Today, she rarely coughed at all thank goodness.  In the picture above, she is wearing another pair of Ottobre Vilka pants that I recently sewed for her and the top is an Onion pattern.  I love it, and it fits better this year then it did last year.  I have been sewing, but getting nowhere fast.  I am working on a lovely nightgown for her, and I hope to have it done before Christmas.

Tomorrow, my Xmas present arrives at 9am in Atlanta.  That's right.   My hubby is on his way home.  I am sooooooooo excited (and a tad bit tired).  I am so looking forward to a relaxing Christmas break.  The house is clean from top to bottom.  I even managed to clean my dining room (don't laugh Sarah).  It is a joke.  While I have been undertaking one room after another to declutter and organize, my dining room became the home to everything that did not have a home.  After two months, you could not walk around the table.  It stayed that way for almost 5 months.  Now I think it looks fabulous, especially with my newly covered chairs.  Thanks David.

Found this lovely embroidery set for sale now on Dawanda or see more details here.  She makes such lovely embroidery designs, and I can just imagine this on some red fleece for a little girl.
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