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Monday, December 7, 2009


Before watching the video, please turn off the music. 
If anyone knows me they would think I am crazy by posting this. However, I thought the content was good, and so true for most mothers. Even though I don't practice religion, I do believe in God, and I admire those who find solace and peace in his teachings. Her point is well taken, and I needed to hear it. How many of us don't always understand our role as mothers? or ask ourselves why we feel a certain way about our mothers? I got the link from a blog I follow. Resolved2worship has a beautiful family of seven I believe, and she does wonderful photography. I am drawn to her peaceful images of a loving and fun family.

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Odds and Ends are sitting on my desk. I am working on a nightgown for Olivia, a pair of pajamas for Nicolas. Christmas cards still have to be written, and of course my mound of ironing still continues to climb. However, I took an hour for myself to get some sewing prepared. Hopefully I will be able to show something this week.
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