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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ruby Red and Reading

Things that made me happy today......
- a nice big brunch with the kids....
- playing hide&seek with the kids and not finding them under the bed
- laughing with hubby
- spending time with Omi on the webcam
- listening to Olivia tell stories forever

Red is the color of this weeks photography challenge between my friend Sarah and I.  So I grabbed a picture of Olivia's lips yesterday after we played in mommy's make-up box.  She was hilarious.  Did not quite know what to do with her lips.  I could not get her to close her mouth or smile.  She was always trying to keep her lips apart and away from her teeth.  It was quite a funny site.  Finally, Nicolas got her to smile, and snapped one picture.   So day 1 of "Red" Fun!❤❤❤❤❤

Other then that, I am sitting here feeling a bit like throwing up right now.  Frustrated and lost as a mother, I am faced with the task of getting my son up to par with the rest of his class on "Sight Words".  He got his report card on Friday, and did well on everything except his Sight Words.  There he received a "D" for still developing, and the teacher commented on what his score was.  It was not good.  So, I pondered about it all weekend, and decided that the only possible time slot still left available to us to study is when we pick up Olivia each afternoon.  In the car, I will give him a stack of index cards, each showing a different sight word, in the hopes that he will learn to memorize them.  I am frustrated because I tested him tonight just to see what he knows, and he did terrible.  I am frustrated because I dont think that it is my job to teach him.  Angry because I know that if hubby was home this situation would look different.  He is only in Kindergarten, and I feel the workload is just too much.  Terrible.  When they were studying three a week, he did just fine, but 10 words each week is just too much, and why isn't  every other child that I know doing the same thing?  The thought of him not passing the FCAT gives me a stomach ache.  You know I will blame myself..   I guess I will spend the day tomorrow printing out some exercises for him.  Yippee.  Very frustrating.

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