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Friday, January 29, 2010

Superman to the Rescue.....

Things that made me happy today....
- getting some much needed work done
- writing hubby a ❤❤❤ card
- my new blog
- locking my kids in the closet ☺(just kidding)
- cheese popcorn
- Rachel Ray's Spinach-Artichoke Penne Pasta Recipe (YUM❢)

I called in the cavalry today.  I needed some help in what to do, and who better then to talk to - besides my mom and my friends - then my husband.  Even though he does not give the best advice, he does a great job of listening.  He makes me laugh when I need it most, and my email this morning "Please call me." got his attention.  We were both in agreement, that the kids had to have some harsh punishment to teach them to help out more in the house and to respect everyone in the family.  So when Nicolas came home, I sat him down and told him that things are tougher because daddy was not there, but.........until he finally got the message.  So, no tv for the weekend.  He had to start putting the dishes away after a meal, and he had to drop the attitude or else he would be put in time-out.  I think he got the message.  
Olivia got her ducky back, but if she did not clean up her mess before dinner, then no dinner.   She was in time-out twice for throwing tantrums, and not sharing.  I have to stay firm and follow through no matter what.  I know that I am somewhat to blame for this situation, and I will do my part to make sure this behavior stops (at least some of it, or most of it, or a little bit☺).
I hope everyone likes my new blog.  I love the fact that I can post all kinds of things throughout the day, since my computer time is always limited to 20minute spurts.  It allows me to post a website, a link, a picture and send it immediately to Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, Google, my iphone, my email and even Blogger.  Dont worry Blogger is not gone.  I can bring it back anytime I want.
Good Night!
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