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Friday, February 19, 2010

comfortably happy

Things that made me happy today....
- cleaning and actually getting so much accomplished
- dancing on the bed with the kids to Michael Jackson (yes I am that old!)
- knowing that Olivia is ok
- watching Nicolas tell me all about his fantastic VOLCANO day!  "It exploded mom"

I dubbed this day comfortably happy.   My day was full of resolutions and making everyone happy, including myself.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Cleaning my house was at the forefront because after not vacuuming for five days, and looking at all the grime and dirt accumulate on the floors, I knew what needed to be done.  I am surprised I got as far as I did to be honest.  That will make this weekend so much more fun, knowing that I only have wash, and my bedroom still to finish.   I managed to spend the last two hours before Nicolas got home blogging and looking through my newest edition of Better Homes and Garden.  It is a great issue this month.  Full of wonderful happy things.  Then my son and I put together a little car that I had bought Olivia for her birthday.  Yes, I finally finished it.  On top of that, we got to enjoy the above picture for dinner.  It is a chicken goulash, with a tasty mushroom and white wine sauce,  and the rich flavors of peas and pepper.  Very easy, very quick, and very delicious.  Olivia even helped herself to seconds.  Yum, there is nothing better then comfort food when the temperatures drop, and these type of recipes sure are a favorite of mine.  Olivia helped me make the meal which made it even more fun.  She stirred, tasted, and set the table just to make mommy happy.  I love the fact that she enjoys watching me cook so much.  I wish my mom had spent more time teaching us things in the kitchen at an earlier age.  Since she did not, we bombarded her with questions, once we were married.  LOL.  Anyways, tonight after enjoying a great meal with a glass of wine, I get to relax in my nice house.  Ultimate comfort!

I am also happy to announce that  Olivia is healthy again, and I believe she learned a valuable lesson last night.  Oh how her tummy ached.  She was in a lot of pain.  She talked about it tonight with me, and I think she may just remember that lesson for awhile.   Nicolas was a lot easier in that regard.  If I gave him a stern "No", he kept his fingers away from it.  She is quite different in that aspect, and since I do not believe in childproofing the house, she has learned some hard lessons in her first three years of life.  Better now then later I say.  

Blogging has been full of surprises lately.  Lots of wonderful things that I am encountering.  Some of the sites are on purpose, and some are just fate.  In either case, I spend my evenings reading these great  blogs.  I bumped into another new one today, but I would like to read some more before sharing.  Hope everyone is having as nice as an evening as I am.

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