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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Things that made me happy today......
- dancing to 50's music just to get a good picture, but it turned out to be family fun.
- finishing my daughters outfit
- deciding to take it easy so I can get rid of this cold
- my son's fever finally breaking
- watching "War and Peace" - the perfect love story, then Roman Holiday.

Please take the time to enjoy yourself today and spend time with loved ones.  I wish I could, but I will get to speak to my hubby on the phone for two hours and that is great, so I am not complaining.  I am happy.  I am loved.

Nicolas'  température finally dropped today.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get through the evening hours without a problem.  He still looks very pale and somewhat yellowish in the eyes, but I will not let that worry me, as long as he says he feels fine.  Olivia on the other hand is coughing a lot, and the poor thing broke out in hives this morning.  Not exactly sure whether it was the Apple Cinnamon cheerios or the cheese she ate that caused it.  I also gave her gatorade and water this morning to help her hydrate herself.  It is bad enough when you have a cold, but to take all this medicine on top of it really dehydrates you.  Of course, when the temperatures drop as low as they are and the heater is running all day, your skin feels terribly itchy.  I hate central heat.  It robs the air of everything, and pollutes it too.  I miss my big lo' oil tank in the basement.  The cost was worth it.

So, I finished the top part of Olivia's outfit, and posted pictures already.  Yippee.  I feel really relaxed lately since I have been sewing again.  I just wish I could get up in the morning and not concentrate on only one thing.  I wish I could do my chores, relax on the computer, tend to the kids, and then sew.  Everything would work like clockwork, but I always stray and head back into the sewing room to finish off another detail.  When I want to sew, that is all I want to do.  The cleaning gets pushed to the side, and then I end up panicking.  Then I spend the next two weeks cleaning, frustrated, and find no time whatsoever to sew.   Grrrrrrrrrrrr............I can change that, but change is not always easy.   
I will work on it.....

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