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Friday, February 12, 2010

If moms could only choose

Things that made me happy today....
- 12 gorgeous long-stemmed roses that arrived in the mail
- seeing the look on Nicolas' face when he saw the snow
- Olivia helping me fold laundry
- Olivia putting her dinnerplate away (yes straight in the garbage "man")
- watching Supernanny bully those two parents into doing their job and learning a lot from it.
- getting hugs and kisses while singing the Barney song "I Love you"

If I could choose a future husband for Olivia, then she is looking at him.  How cute would their kids be?  Yup, very cute.  Garrett is always so nice to Olivia.  Very considerate and caring.  I like that in a man.  Just joking, but I still had to post the picture.  Two such beautiful and cute faces cannot be ignored.

Other then that, my second sewing project is finished and I will be posting pictures soon.

It snowed in sunny Florida today.  This morning I heard the weatherman say that today it is snowing in 49 states, except one - Florida.  Well at 1:08pm it snowed in our backyard, and across the town.  Everyone posted their joy about the snow on Facebook including me.  I know so many people have had enough of it, but for us Floridians it was a treat.  I wished it would have stuck to the ground for just a little while, but since it rained throughout the night nothing remained for us to gawk at.  Oh well, now it is just bone-chilling cold outside (28 degrees) and there is no end in site.  

We are all still fighting this bug.  Nicolas still has a fever, and last night he woke up vomiting.  No it is not the stomach flu, since he has not left the house in four days.  The doctor said it is probably just nasal congestion and drainage.  I am worried about him.  His eyes look so yellow and gray in color.  I have to keep pushing him to drink something.  Lets hope this is all over tomorrow.  

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