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Thursday, March 25, 2010

fun with no sun...

fun with no sun...fun with no sun...fun with no sun...fun with no sun...
Things that made me smile today....
- almost finishing Olivia's Easter Dress
- Olivia feeling better
- making a friend feel special
- watching the kids make the best out of a rainy day.
No I did not get the house clean, although I did manage to wash and fold two loads of laundry.  I should have cleaned the house, because it needs it, but I so desperately wanted to finish Olivia's Easter Dress.  I managed to go grocery shopping, and I also managed to finish most of the dress.  By the time both kids were home all I needed to do was finish the hem.  However, I ran into a problem.  I had sewn the underskirt on backwards, so the seams were showing.  Yeah!  I really needed that after all that handsewing.   Oh well, I will think of a solution, and come up with something.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pictures.
After dinner, the kids went outside in the foggy air, and decided to play in the mud and make some of their own.  Rainboots on the wrong feet, sassy and jumping in the puddles, Olivia had a great time.  These pictures were taken with my friends 85mm lens.  It is the first time I have been able to get some great shots out of this lens.  I like the clarity.  Obviously Olivia is feeling much better, but daddy-o is still fighting the virus and will most likely be in bed right up until his flight next week. 

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