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Monday, March 15, 2010

ottobre pants and spring organizing

Things that made me smile today.....
- only five more days until DH arrives.
- being one out of a thousand people who got up an hour late this morning.
- treating myself to Starbucks just because I felt like it.
- seeing how proud Nicolas was to get all his homework done this weekend.
- Olivia's wish to go to school
- finishing this cute pair of Ottobre pants
- breakfast for dinner (pancakes)
- organizing the entire kitchen just because.....

Mood:  Determined, Happy, Healthy

Yup, today was the day I was going to complete several projects, and although we got up late - yes forgot to change the time on my alarm clock LOL.  I managed to make three phone calls before I left the house, strip two beds, get both kids dressed and I guess it set the tone for the rest of the day.  I was determined to get some sewing done.  Olivia needs pants, and I knew that once I get everything cut out, I would have them done in no time.  So after I treated myself to a Starbucks and mosey'd thru Target , I got home and went to work.

These are the Ottobre Puolukkapuuro Pants from 1/2010 issue.  I love them.  I extended the pattern two inches, and added a ruffle, and they were a perfect fit.  I used a Robert Kaufmann corduroy for this pant.  The corduroy is way too thin for a pair of pants, so I doubled the fabric.  Believe it or not, that gave the pants the perfect weight.  I hate making lining for pants, but it all worked out pretty well, and at least they don't wrinkle.  She had them on for several hours, and they still looked great.  Both tops are from Gymboree.  I snagged the T-Shirt for only $7.99, and the dress is a  hand me down from my sister.  I cannot wait to get a few more of these done this week.  

Before you know it, the day just flies by, and the kids are home again.  Although I managed to do some grocery shopping this afternoon, I was not really in the mood to cook.  So we made pancakes, and sat together listening to Olivia talk most of the time throughout dinner.  She so much wants to be a "big girl".  While I was cooking, I decided it was time to reorganize my kitchen.  Yes crazy timing, and I know I won't get it done tonight, but the kitchen is DH's primary zone, so I want to make sure it looks good when he arrives this weekend.  Plus it is Easter, and I like to do some deep cleaning during this time.  Winter hides a lot of things that Spring does not.  For instance, my windows.  Whew, they really need a good cleaning too.  I have already thrown out 4 Walmart bags of food that is no longer useable, so it feels good, and that is the main thing.  Here are some ideas I got from Martha Stewart. 

- Clear Containers
- Tension Rods as dividers
- Baking pans to store little things
- trays to stack items
- hang a clipboard in your pantry.
- Use S hooks to hang spoons, scissors, funnels.

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