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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playroom, Park, Pizza, and a Picnic

Playroom, Park, Pizza, and a Picnic
 Whew, finally the kids are sleeping and I feel as if I can take a nice deep breath.  It's amazing how a busy schedule and two kids can make you feel like a basket case.  I have a to-do list a mile long, and with both kids at home dumping their belongings all over the house, I am getting nowhere fast.  I finally exploded at about 11am, and told them both to clean their playroom.    Of course, I could talk to the wall and would probably feel better about it.  I am seriously thinking about doing away with the playroom.  Selling the bigger toys, like the kitchen and the dollhouse, and giving myself a nice guestroom.  At least I know it would stay relatively clean.  At least I would hope so.  Their rooms on the other hand, would probably stay dirty most of the time, and all I would seriously accomplish is to shift one disaster to another area.  Right?  I have no solution, and the older they get, the more frustrated I get with the both of them and their cleaning habits. 
Frustrated, and angry, I decided to take them to the park, in the hopes that I would get a little down time, while the two of them played.  HA!  No make that a double HA!  Olivia clung to my leg for the first 30 minutes, until she saw Nicolas get into the water.  At that point she decided to laugh and have fun with her older brother, but I had to run up and down the riverbank just to make sure she would not fall in.  She did.  Of course.  She was sopping wet in no time, and thank goodness, I kept an extra set of clothing in the car.  So all ended well.
After that we decided to hit K-mart and buy a small swimming pool.  They do enjoy the water so much.  Instead I walked out with a new bike, and an infant trailer.  I have always wanted one, and since this week is my birthday week, why should I not treat myself again.  Yes again.  I recently upgraded my camera.  I love the pictures, and I am very excited with all the new functions this camera can perform.  I bought the Canon 7D.  It also can take videos, and believe it or not, I have not even tried that function yet.  
Next came a call to Hungry Howies for some pizza.  The kids and I were starving at this point.  We could not wait to just attack this pizza.  YUM.  It was so beautiful outside we planned on having a small picnic.  
The day turned out very nice, because we met friends during the morning hours and spent time with friends in the afternoon.   Nothing was planned, and nothing was accomplished, except the smiling faces.  Tomorrow will be a different story.  Olivia has to go to school, and although Nicolas will be bored for the morning hours, I promised them a bikeride as soon she comes home.  I just felt a sudden pain in my thighs.  OUCH!  I am not sure what will hurt worse, the amount of cleaning I have to do, or the bike ride.
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