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Monday, March 22, 2010

What a Treat!

What a Treat!

My husband enjoying the backyard after being away so long.  His return from Afghanistan is a happy occasion for all of us.  His face hides serious thought, and all I want to do is hug him.  In this case it is joy to just be home. We only get to keep him for 10 days, but I intend to capture every happy moment with my camera, and with my heart.

Things that made me smile today....
- everything!

Every day is like a vacation day at the moment, and that makes it so special.  Although my husband and I enjoyed the morning hours to ourselves, our entire day was special.  We started off getting a few things done around the house, planning and scheduling each day to make sure we get the most out of it.  Then we treated ourselves to a late breakfast - yes a date of sorts.  Remember what it was like to be without kids?  No, neither do I.  It was fun to just sit and relax and have a conversation, without the competition of the kids trying to speak louder then you.  No wonder they say it is important for a relationship to go out once a week without kids, and to enjoy a special moment.  It really gives you the time to talk, and laugh, and hold hands.

Once the kids were home, we went to Target to pick up some Easter goodies, walk through Petsmart to look at all the animals, and then headed over to Baskin Robbins for a special treat.  Why is it that the kids always pick the most colorful flavors?  That is right, so you can take fun fun pictures.
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