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Monday, May 10, 2010

MOMS Beach Weekend

Things that made me smile this weekend.....
- Spending an entire weekend at the beach with a great friend
- introducing my friends to a French style picnic
- taking some great pictures
- watching the sunset over the Gulf Coast
- all the giggles and smiles that came my way (oh some tantrums too)!
- collecting some great seashells
What are two moms going to do, whose husbands are far away?  How are we going to spend our time, and get some much needed relaxation time with four kids?  Well, the beach of course.  I just wish we were the only ones that had that bright idea.  I am afraid most of the town folk were also having the same thoughts, so the beaches were somewhat crowded, but still a pleasure to enjoy.    I enjoyed the nighttime the best.  The kids were exhausted, but we stayed and watched the sunset.  It was simply gorgeous.  Of course, driving home with all the lights reflecting upon the water was also a beautiful sight.  I have to admit that we have never really enjoyed the beach as much as we have this year.  The kids are old enough to walk and help carry a few items, and our beach visits are so much more fun.  They also both really enjoy the water and are not afraid of all the people.  They chase the birds, collect seashells, run from the monster waves.  Tons of fun in the sun.  The weather is perfect to endure some long hours.  Not too hot, and the breeze is just right.
Now I am off to do some serious house and car cleaning.  I am going to take my leaf blower and stick it into the car, in the hopes that I get some of that sand to blow out.  
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