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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have had a fantastic week with my family this week.  My husband is home until he leaves for Dallas in two weeks.  We have had alot of fun going shopping and visiting local parks.  N woke up this morning sick to his stomach again.  Even Olivia had a little episode this morning.  I thought for sure it was caused by overheating yesterday at the park.  The temperatures only reached a high of 68, but the kids were exhausted and very hot when we called it a day, two hours later.  Well, I was wrong because N has had a fever all day, which usually spells out something viral.  Not surprising, since the Flu season is in full swing right now.  We have even been asked to skip all regular doctor visits due to the fact that there are so many Flu cases visiting hospitals and doctors right now.  Pneumonia, stomach flu and a Type A viral infection is widespread in our area.

So now the weekend is here, and instead of relaxing I am busy cleaning.  All my work has been doubled due to the fact that I had to be a part of all the "family fun" and of course the kids being sick.  I am not feeling so good myself, and I am dying to sit down and sew.  Thanks by the way, for all the compliments on my new hairdo.  I love it, because there is no work in this crazy cut.  Yes, another way to save time!  So, once the family all retreated into their corners this afternoon, I took some time to catch up on my blogging.
Love this skirt made by Bellaboutique.  Too cute for words.  Of course I am talking about her daughter.  You can find her blog here.  Oh and this dress.  Gorgeous.

Alice in Wonderland

This was made by Naehkitz.

This dress was posted on the Ottobre Blog, and I love it.  I cannot wait to make this one for the summer.

So, now I would like to get some more cleaning done, and hopefully sew something soon.  Enjoy your weekend.
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