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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Easter is almost here......

Farbenmix Dot Ribbon Blue/Red
Found here.
HOPING FOR SPRING SALE.....Bunnies Japanese Import YARD in  GreenFarbenmix dot ribbon Red/White
Sold here.
Found at the Ribbon Jar.

Rabbits in Pink - Japanese Cotton - Fat QuarterJapanese Bunnies and Strawberries - PinkJapanese Bunnies and Strawberries - RedFabric Covered Buttons        - Bunch of Bunnies
Found here.
Fabric Covered Buttons        - Red and White Folk Print - Birds and Trees
Found here.
Cute Russian Doll and Horse - Japanese fabric
Found here.
Zebras, Elephants and Hippos - Japanese Tape
Found here.
Fungus Among Us PINK Fabric 1 yd
Found here.
A day in the woods ribbon/sewing tape
Rare Vintage Woven Elephant RibbonHedgehog Ribbon (2M)
Great for boys.
Love Birds  -  Farbenmix Ribbon - 1 yard
Farbenmix Ribbons.
linen - hand dyed - chartreuse
So many beautiful things, and so much inspiration.  Stay away from the internet if you want to cut down on your stash, and save your money.  I have a birthday coming soon so I cannot wait to just spend some of my money.  Any favorites?  I love the bunny fabric (the first one), which I first saw on Ravenhill.  What a beautiful blog she has, and so many beautiful things.  Honestly, I really like to blog, and my favorite blogs have alot of wonderful pictures, but the reason I keep coming back is because I find the writer to be interesting.  I definitely recommend reading this one.  I spent my morning on this one, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  

Since we are discussing blogs, another favorite of mine is Sheree's Alchemy.  I know you will love what she has been writing about.  Her creations are lovely, and the fabric she uses is fantastic.  I spent an hour reading her blog last night, and really enjoyed this one too.

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