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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A whole lot of something going on!

Had a small run in with the passport agency.  Would you believe I cannot renew my son's passport without hubby cosigning the application?  No exception.  He would have to send me a Power of Attorney specifically stating that he gives me permission to apply for a passport for our children.  Is that just ridiculous or what?  I told them that I did not know where he was, and I did not have an address to send him any kind of paperwork.  Too bad, nothing we can do.  Not only can he not obtain any kind of legal paperwork over there, but if there was ever an emergency and we needed to go out of country for mom and dad, I would be stuck.  Bureaucratic and ridiculious!

Other then that I had a busy day.  Nicolas was introduced to his Kindergarten teacher today.  He goes to speech at the elem. school, and his teacher handpicked a teacher for Nicolas.  She knows that he is rather shy, and will not talk to anyone if he is bullied, so she wanted a very nice and caring teacher for him.  The principal agreed, and told me to bring him in once a week to slowly introduce him to the Kindergarten class.  He left my side clinging to my leg and crying.  However, it did not last long and he had a great time.  Mrs. C. read a story, had them draw butterflies, and introduced Nicolas to the playground.  That was too kool!  The kids were very friendly, and wanted to play with him, so he felt right at home.  I told my mom that I am probably going to put him on the bus on the first day, and let him find his way.  If I go with him, he will cry and embaress himself, and things will just get worse from there.   Of course, I would love to see him walk into the school and be a proud mom, but I know the teachers would just like us to wave goodbye and go.  The less interaction the better.

No sewing for me.  I am trying to get caught up on my "To Do List".  I have to pay the bills tomorrow, and then Thursday or Friday is all mine.  Teri has convinced me that I have to make something for myself.  Look at her latest creation:  Love it!

I love this picture from LottieLuLu's blog.
This is another cute women's top made by Pam over at Off the Cuff Style.
Two SunshineTops !
I love this picture, and I love the fabric.  Found it and ordered it for the same Pj's for Nicolas.
Oliver + S Bedtime Story
Also fell in love with one of these fabrics (the pink and orange flowered one).  The fabric line is called Summer Soiree.
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