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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Quick Shot

Here she is modelling the complete outfit.  We took the picture right after we woke up this morning, so forgive the darkness and the lack of hairbrushing.  We all went to the hairdresser today and got some really nice new do's.    Mom did a bit a pampering for herself this morning, and enjoyed a cup of coffee with a friend.  Then met up with all my girlfriends at the park, ate a nice salad, and I feel great.  Note to self:  Keep the day busy.

A few notes about the pants:  the pattern is Britches and Bloomers.  I made it once before, and they fit really nice.  This is a size 18-24mos., and the only changes that I need to make is shorten the crotch depth.  She has no fanny (wow I wish I could say that).  LOL.  I did shorten the pant length by about an inch to get the cropped pant look.  Easy pattern, because the front and back legs are all in one pattern.  No topstitching, except the pockets, and no waistband.  Highly recommend.  The material is a soft medium weight denim shirting - perfect for little pants.
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