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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life is alot of fun!

Here is another Sweet Little Dress pattern I made.  Actually the pants were purchased from Target last year, and since I did not like the shirt that came with it, I had to make one.  I found this old polka dot jersey knit from Hancocks.  It looked very good with the leggings, so I decided to make a top.  The great thing about this pattern is that it is finished in less then 2 hours.  My kind of pattern.  These are the type of playclothes she needs at the moment, so why put alot of effort into them.  I wish I could work on some dresses for her, but she has a ton of them leftover from last year.  Oh well, c'est la vie.  

I spent another great day with the kids.  We had a good friend over to visit, and although it rained we found enough things to keep us busy inside.  Our nighttime fun looked something like this (forgive us for the lack of pants, they got a bit wet).

I found a new blog, however I think it is either danish or swedish.  I wish I could understand it.
She is incredibly talented and creative.
Anyways, you can find more pictures here.

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