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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Muggy Moments

Another success!  She wore this today to my son's field trip at Benny Russell Park.  It was so comfortable and she never once complained about being too warm.  I would love to say we had a ton of fun, but the weather was just terrible.  Hot, muggy, humid, and horrible!  After 1 hour and 15 minutes, even the teacher's decided to call it a day!  The kids were so sweaty and hot, that they looked like they came out of a shower.  What a shame!  Tomorrow a cold front is supposidly going to slide through and we are due for some nice dry weather.  Looking forward to that.  The weather this morning really wore me out.  I barely have enough energy to clean
 the dishwasher.  I guess it always takes some getting used to, this heat in Florida.  I should not complain, the
 weather in Baghdad is 111.   My husband has already lost 22 pounds since he first arrived.

Ok, another day spent with the kids.  Tomorrow it is my turn.  One of them will be going to a friends house, the other will stay in daycare, and I get to..........clean the house, pay the bills, deliver drycleaning, etc.....  No, no, I will definitely try to get at least two hours to myself to sew that wonderful Burda Blouse that has been sitting on my cutting table.  If everything goes well, I will at least get started on it.  
Here is a small sneak preview of what I worked on tonight, but I am determined to get to bed early, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
I want to get my hands on this fabric from Heather Ross.  I understand this will be her last.  What a shame.

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