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Friday, May 29, 2009

Polka Dot Dress

Yes another Sweet Little Dress. However it will be my last for awhile. I will explain more later. I love this print, even though Olivia is not fond of it at all. I did not want to push her into trying it on until she is in a better mood. I think the color will look really good on her. It would also be great for the Fall, layered over a white T-shirt.

Today was quite exhausting for me. I just wanted to clean the kids room's, and began with Olivia's first. I have a good friend who is expecting a little boy in July, so I knew that I needed to go through the five plastic containers full of baby clothes and sort. It is always fun to see the garments your children wore as a baby. I did not realize that I had kept so many of them. Every thing I sewed or bought in Germany was nicely stashed away in Olivia's closet. It felt good to put them aside for someone who will truly appreciate them as much as I did. Stuffing them in a goodwill bag was just out of the question. Since, I was going through her closet, I decided to just clean everything, and I was disgusted at how many clothes she had. Between the stuff I sewed for this summer, the gifts from Oma, and my sister's hand-me-downs, she had 18 dresses, and about 12 tops. No wonder she does not care about clothing. I decided that I needed to stop making clothing for her. This thought sort of depressed me, even though I knew I could concentrate on clothing for myself. I love making children's clothing. I love getting a garment finished in two or three nights. Then it hit me - I could sew a few lovelies for my niece, who is so beautiful and cute. That would be alot of fun. Of course, Nicolas said to me last night that it was time to sew for him again. Yes, I have a few things planned for him too.

I managed to fill an entire black garbage bag full of clothing and shoes for Goodwill, three boxes for my friend, and I threw out another garbage bag of clothing that was no longer nice. I boxed up the good stuff I wanted to keep, organized all the handmade knitted sweaters my mom made, and it took me all day. By the end of the day, my back was killing me, and I could barely find the energy to write. So on this note, I will say Goodnight.

Found this cute little boys sweatshirt on Flickr.

Lily Haven posted this lovely skirt on her blog.
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