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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trials and Turbulations of a Mom

Being a mom is such hard work.  I mean both physically and mentally exhausting at times.  Today I decided to take the kids to the pizza place for lunch.  I had promised the kids all week to go, but somehow always talked them out of it.  Since I had nothing important on my plate today, I decided to give it a go, and off we went.  Olivia is not so fond of pizza, and usually gets a bit tired around this time of day, but we had fun, and enjoyed our lunch together as a family.  I convinced the kids that we should go to Target next, and buy them a new pool.  Excited, the kids agreed.  I knew I could accomplish a few of my tasks in this store, and the pool would keep them pleasantly occupied.  At least I thought so. 

The pool I bought them last week at Wal-mart was broken.  Obviously there is a hole in the seam, and yes I will get a refund.  Everytime I try to let it dry out to repackage the pool, the kids play with the waterhose and get it all wet again.  So I decided to buy a new one at Target.  The kids were excited and both willing to join me until I diverted my attention to other things.  I am trying to buy Olivia a pair of flip-flops for the garden.  She always wears her good shoes, and everytime I buy her a new pair, she refuses to put them on.  It was no different today.  She threw a typical toddler tantrum in the middle of the store.  I forced her to put them on, but she immediately took them off again.  Aggrevated, and bit worn out, I continued to shop for a few things.  Nicolas let me know more then once that he was bored, by huffing and puffing the whole time.  When I confronted both of the whiners, I realized that our store visit was just not worth the aggrevation.  I put the pool back on the shelf, left the other things at the check-out, and packed both kids in the car and went home, not even stopping at the Ice Cream parlor or the grocery store as I promised.  If the kids reacted this ungrateful to the purchase of a $50 pool, then so be it, they just would not get one.  Being mom is sometimes such an ungrateful job, but when the kids cannot spend 10 minutes in a store while mom grabs a few important things, then obviously an important lesson has not been taught.  

It was not easy for me to leave the store.  Besides the fact that I needed toothepaste and a few other important things, the fact that  I broke both of their hearts was really hard on me.   However, I knew that my kids were acting like spoiled brats, so my obligation as a mom was quite clear.  Like I said, tough job, but in the end when my son apologized and told me he loved me, it made it all worthwhile.  (Of course, I am no fool, five minutes later he asked whether we were going shopping again?)  The test will come tomorrow when we try the whole thing again.  I am exhausted already.

Found these lovely dresses on a new blog called Mark it with a B
The pattern is Simplicity 2711.  Too big for Olivia, but definitely one 
I intend to make in the future.  A wonderful blog I truly enjoyed reading.
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