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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scheduled Words....

Today I:
had an early start at 5:30am
found out my husband is coming home for Xmas
met with friends at 8:00am
laughed alot
Put Olivia to bed sleeping at 12:00pm
Rushed to clean the house
Waited for my son at 2:00
listened to a Kindergarten boy tell stories
Met with Pest Control at 2:30pm
Met with our Lawn guy at 3:00pm
Washed 3 loads
Ironed 1
Read a Chapter on Aperture
Cooked a delicious meal at 5:30pm
Served Strawberries on Whip Cream at 6:15pm
Bathed the children at 6:45pm
Turned off the lights at 7:38pm
Slept peacefully at 11:00pm

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