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Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the Run

I have been running all this week, therefore the lack of blog posts. I apologize. Between soccer practice, school, sewing and being mom, there just has not been any time. Have I mentioned that Olivia started Preschool. Yes, I finally have her in a school setting three times a week, where she is learning the ABC's, her numbers and colors and shapes. She actually knows most of them, but it gives me three hours of me-time, and I will take it. She actually has alot of fun, and has not cried or thrown a tantrum yet. I hope that continues.

I finished working on several orders this week of my new Ladybug dress. I would like to start on several Christmas outfits that I have in mind. Let's just see if I am good enough to follow through with my wishlist, instead of dreaming about it. Friday was the first day I put Olivia in school, and I had all kinds of plans for that day. Instead, I stopped at a Garage Sale and bought a gorgeous french country style table. I need to sand the table top down and wax it really good to get the old effect that I am looking for, but I love the yellow finish on the legs, and I am sure it will look great in our white kitchen.

The baby outfit is one that I had made for a friend who had a lovely baby boy. I really need to do more for boys, but time.......I need more time. I have the perfect model, but need to get things done. She deserves these things, and I have not done nearly as much as I would like to. It is not easy being a single mom, and these are one of things that I often regret not finding time for. Not to mention, Nicolas' bday is coming soon, and I have not planned a single thing.

Last but not least, I received the following Cucito book in the mail. I rarely skimmed through the pages, but hopefully tonight I will get some reading done. I am off to do some other important things, so I can enjoy this weekend with my kids.

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