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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Extravaganza


October 30, 2009

Yesterday is a blur, and this entire week is turning out to be the kind of stressful week that just makes me want to hide under the covers. I am getting tired of this feeling. Two halloween parties, a field trip, which I did not attend, and then Halloween tomorrow, and a ton of things to do at home and for my shop. Wish I could just spread them out like butter on a piece of toast. I know, I know. I have to learn to say no to certain things, but add in two soccer games, two kids, no husband, and I am overwhelmed like you cannot imagine. Last night I fell into bed at 9:15pm again. I feel like an old woman. Oh well, that was all the griping I wanted to do or else I will never make myself happy.

So yesterday I attended my son’s school Pumpkin Extravaganza. Basically, each child brought a pumpkin to school. They weighed and measured the pumpkins, decorated them, and the whole day was a ton of fun for the kids. I enjoyed it, even though I sat on the couch afterwards for almost an hour trying to catch my breath. It is not easy being surrounded by 24 kids all talking to you at once. I tried to tune most of them out, but I remember saying “wait your turn” all afternoon. How the teachers do it is beyond me.


Then we were off to the soccer field for a nice game against a team that always “whoops” us. I could care less honestly. As long as the kids are having fun, nothing else matters. Nicolas still does not engage very much, but at least he tries. Two more games and the season is over. Thank goodness. We got home at 7:00, scarfed some fast food down our throats, and rushed to get to bed before 8pm. Poor kids. Olivia is really suffering the most. I feel like I shuffle her from one event to the next lately. I don’t feel like we ever get to spend any quality time together. She needs a lot of hugs. She does however enjoy playing with the kids, and I am glad that she has some friends her age.

I am beginning to dread Christmas season already. I did not manage Halloween too well, so what will Xmas be like? I wanted to do so many things, and did not get half of them done. I am beginning to think I need to increase my energy levels somehow. Do some exercise, or eat better. It is important, but I am beginning to understand why so many people eat fast food nowadays. When your life is a bundle of stress, cooking is no fun. Standing on your feet for an hour to cook, and then another hour to clean up. No thanks. Can you believe those words just came out of my mouth? Me, the I love to cook, german woman. HA! Well, tonight we are going to enjoy a relaxing evening. I am going to cook a nice german meal, and the kids will get to enjoy my reading books, while soft music is playing in the background. I promise.

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