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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Want the good or the bad?


October 22, 2009

Ok, first the good news. I managed to finish the other Ottobre T-Shirt “Pekka” for Nicolas. What a disaster I went through. Both the serger and the coverstitch machine gave me fits all morning. It was so bad, that when I pulled the jersey from the coverstitch, I was left with a gaping hole. Yes, ugly. The embroidery machine was no better. Decided to walk away last night and get ready for bed, when of course the needle went astray, bunched up the fabric, and yup made a major mess. The last letter. So, I am not too fond of the material, nor my sewing skills as of this moment. I am already insecure when it comes to embroidery on a knit. So many things to remember and think about that I get nervous about the end result. Not my favorite thing to do. It was just an ugly project that took way too long to finish. However, I did finish, and it looks really good on him, so I am pleased.

Now the bad news……..driving home from the daycare…..Olivia vomited all over herself. I can’t believe it. So someone please tell me that the stomach virus is not airborne please. Being locked up in a car almost made me have an anxiety attack. I pulled over, took off her clothes, and quickly placed them in a plastic bag. Thank goodness I always have an extra set of clothes in the car. I sat her in Nicolas’s seat, and put him up front on a booster seat. When I got home, I just prayed that she ate something that was not being well digested, but no way….2 ½ hours later, she started all over, and this time her entire lunch was visible. Oh my god, please do not let me get sick. The poor kids. She was crying so hard, and I was full of vomit, and her bed had to be made, and her clothes washed. When we are both home, one of us hugs and the other cleans. How will I manage this? Oh goodness…..there are worse things right. I have had a stomach ache since yesterday, and I am hoping that it is nothing more then being around a sick child that is causing this knot in my tummy.

So be on alert, it is flying around from household to household. In less then an hour I have found out that two other children we know have gotten sick. It stinks – literally.

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