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Friday, December 18, 2009

I am done!

Yes, Christmas can come tomorrow for all I care, even though I prefer it would not.  I have not mailed any cards, and I have not baked my favorite thumbprint cookies, but those are just minor details in the scheme of things.  I stood in line at the post office today, and mailed my last package.  FedEx delivered the last toy.  I can breathe, and I can relax.  Oh thank goodness for that.

So I spent the day with the kids today.  Olivia stayed home with me and baked cookies, and Nicolas was home at lunch.  Only four more days until Daddy is home.  I told the kids that their grandparents are coming, and they are both so excited.  It will be interesting to see how they react when they don't arrive. Oh the excitement, and the expectations are just killing me.   Today I almost let the cat out of the bag.  Nicolas came home and went straight to his room.  After a few minutes of him not showing up in the kitchen, I wandered back towards his room to find him with his entire head in his backpack.  I had the feeling something was not right, and I knelt down next to him.  He was crying.  He said he was going to miss his best friend Madeline.  I found out later that she and her mom went to look for him to give him an extra Christmas hug.    I know he is sensitive, but I had no idea how much until today.  I guess he thought School was over and that got him sad.  Or maybe it was the big girl who sat on him on the busride home.   I don't know, but it broke my heart.  I wanted to tell him so much that his daddy was coming home, because I knew that would make him so happy, but I just could not.  I did my best to make him smile and I managed to do just that after letting him cry a bit in my arms.    It's amazing how children take a grasp of your heart.

Tamron 18-270 lens

On top you will find pictures of my "Engelchoir"or Angel Orchestra from Wendt & Kuehn, a german company that has been making these angels since 1915 Ever since I turned 20, my mother has been giving me 1-3 angels a year as a Christmas gift. I have quite the orchestra, even though there are plenty of angels I have not yet collected.  They are still handcrafted and painted and cost anywhere upwards from $30.00 - $71 per angel.  I love them, and treasure them.  I wrap each individual angel in tissue paper and then store them inside all year long.  Another wonderful german tradition that I wanted to share.

On more thing.  I read a blog post today on Beautiful Blog designs.  According to her recent post, by sidebars are way too cluttered, so I have done away with my "Favorite Blogs", or better yet posted them on another site.  Just check out the link on the sidebar and you will find the new link.  I also read on another blog, that everyone hates the music.  So I turned off my music for the time being, however I left a poll on the sidebar for everyone to give their own opinion.  This should prove to be interesting.  

I am off to enjoy a wonderful evening, since both of the kids went to bed early tonight.  Good Night.
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