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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sew Happy!

Yes, I sewed. Aaaaaahhhh it felt so good to be at the machine. It is so enjoyable for me to make something with my two hands. I cannot explain it. More details below.

I just had a wonderful lunch. I bought the kids some Fluffernutter. Oh, I know today it is called something completely different, but I used to love eating a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. I seriously got very excited when I remembered that I bought some of that yesterday. I could not wait to spread it on a piece of fresh white bread. YUM! It was delicious.

I thought about the kids all night. I feel awful for ranting the way I do, but I know that so many mothers have their moments and my blog is about me and my life. No need to hide the inevitable. After alot of thought, I came to the realization that Olivia is always in a good mood when she is alone with me. The whining and crying usually begins when she is with her brother, so maybe I need to watch them together more closely, or hide the monitor in their playroom, so I can hear what is going on. Olivia probably wanted my attention more then anything, which is usually the case. I just don't know how to make dinner and entertain her in my little kitchen at once, without losing my temper. I guess that is my weakness, and something I need to work on. That is one of the reasons, I decided to sew this morning instead of clean the house. I am hoping that the sewing will relax me, which will give me more energy later on in the day. I am planning a night out with the kids, not because of my guilt, but because Chick Fil-A gives you a free kids meal on Tuesdays, and that keeps me out of the kitchen. LOL. So hopefully today will go alot smoother then yesterday, and everyone will go to bed happy.

I made the matching pants today from the Ottobre Vilka Pants Pattern I used last year. It is a size 74, and I added 2inches length to the hem. The ribbon was bought from IINU, and I just love it. Before I finish the second pair, I want to make sure they fit Olivia. I have a funny feeling they may be too long, but we will see. Now I am off to clean the house before the older one steps off the schoolbus. Happy Sewing.


Beautiful tutorial.  Definitely needs to be seen at MADE.

Found this at KI-Ba-Doo . Her work is amazing.  So many creative details.

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