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Friday, January 8, 2010

Ottobre Pinafore Dress

Things that made me happy today.....
- Finishing a dress
- Sewing
- No ice on the roads
- Having heat
- Fix it Friday
New Patterns arriving in the mail
- Crisp fresh sheets on my bed
- a clean house AAAAHHHH

Ottobre Pinafore Dress
Things that made me happy today....

Ottobre Pinafore Dress

Finished this little beauty last night.  Still need to attach snaps in the back and finish the pants and top that I planned on making.  I could not hold off posting a picture.  I just love this corduroy print.  The colors are so vibrant and yet perfectly matched.  Pink and red are a favorite of mine.  BTW, I believe I bought these fabrics from IINU.  You can find her link under Blogs I love on the right hand side.

Ottobre Pinafore Dress.  Size 74. 4/2003
Lovely pattern, and as always it went together so  easy.  The bottom ruffle idea I got from NanaCompany (see post below).   I did not want to add too much bulk to the hem and this was the perfect way to achieve it.  I played around with the dress yesterday, and contemplated adding something to the top without making it look to busy.  I have a few ideas, and will show pictures as soon as I can.  Here a few modeled pictures of Olivia.
Ottobre Pinafore Dress
Ottobre Pinafore Dress
Ottobre Pinafore Dress

I love the dress, but Olivia did not, even though you would not be able to tell from the pictures.  She gave her best this morning.  She is actually talking to me the whole time, and never standing still, but my 50mm Canon lens catches everything.  LOL.  I have to admit, that I did not want to make a dress.  I wanted a top.  It is too long.  She needs everyday clothes, and I went a bit overboard on this one.   So I will probably put it up for sale on my Etsy site.  No big deal.  At least I know the pattern is a keeper.  I will shorten it for my next project, and perhaps add pockets or a front placket.  We will wait and see.

A small little something I picked up in Target yesterday.  Loved the design and of course the colors.

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