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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pretty as a Flower

Things that made me happy today.....
- the sunshine.........
- organizing all of my sewing supplies and office supplies.....
- having dinner with friends....
- the picture above (flowers always make me smile)
- all the inspiration I found today

It was a good day.  I made up my mind that I had to finish up my sewing room project.  I could not stand the clutter any longer, and jumping over boxes always makes me feel a bit anxious.  This has been a major project for me.  Normally I just shove everything into my drawers and then feel better when I cannot see it anymore.  I have 36 drawers, so believe me a lot of junk fits into them.  Of course, the drawers were getting more and more cluttered, until I noticed that I could not find anything anymore.  I also noticed how much junk needed to go to the dumpster, and that maybe I could free up a little space for myself.  That was the motivation I needed to start, and knowing that I only have one more major operation to go after this one in the house is what got me finished.  Next up, the garage.  YUCKY! (as Olivia would say).  Not looking forward to the dust the dirt or the clutter, but I need to do it.  Anyways, I took some pictures of my new thread drawers.  It was quite an easy task once I figured out how make the dividers.  I used some of the children's school paper, folded it, taped it to the bottom of the drawer, and this is what I got.
So, needless to say, the rest of my drawers are pretty much organized in the same fashion.  Now I am off to clean the rest of the house, and get some much needed daily chores done.  Tomorrow I have decided to do a little inspirational shopping.  I need to get inspired before I start sewing something.  Although I found all those lovely dresses on Chasing Fireflies this morning, I am not quite ready to start on a Spring/Summer Wardrobe yet.  I honestly need to work on a pair of pants for Olivia, but my decision is final.  On Thursday we are going to get a lot of rain, so I will make that my Sewing Day.  

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