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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drawing Room

Although, I spend a few hours on the computer, contemplating and planning my next projects, this "drawing room" procedure has really worked for me.  I tend to get more done when I cut, and draw patterns all at once, leaving the weekdays for sewing.  Starting a project at 8:00 is just not happening, so at least I get off my feet and sew all at once.  I finished everything on my last drawing board, which is truly remarkable for me.  I am a bit of procrastinator, but the biggest problem I have is being easily inspired to working on something else.  The moment I buy a new fabric or a see a new outfit, I cannot control my thoughts.  I guess the best way to explain it is if I were sewing in my sleep.  There is no way, I can finish as many garments as I dream up.  I quickly forget about the older projects, and jump onto a new one.  This helps me to stay focused.  Remember why and what I am sewing.
The first two dresses are for a friend who just had a baby.  The JonJons are for my shop.  Although I used the Ottobre PDF file, I have my own pattern for the JonJon that I use.  I prefer having snaps on the bottom, and I like to hide the straps with various buttons for growing little boys.  Ok, now I have spent enough time on the computer today.  I am off to finish few things, eat a big bowl of ice cream, and watch HOUSE.
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