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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1-2-3 Ready to go!

I took a major break from life today. It was planned last night, last minute, but I needed it. I actually think I am coming down with something. I have a sore throat, and I barely slept four hours last night. Could it be? No! I put both the kids in school, once it was decided that our playdate was not taking place. At first, I was going to clean, but instead I spent the entire day tracing patterns and cutting fabric. I love it. I cut out about six different things to sew. Now whenever I find 20 minutes, I can head straight to the machine. I hate to cut fabric, and I hate tracing patterns. The only time I really enjoy it, is when I can watch an old movie in the Living Room (which has excellent lighting) and spend two and half hours just tracing patterns. However, there is rarely ever a good movie on anymore. During the day, I don't have the peace of mind to begin tracing, so I ususally don't. Aaah, so many fabrics, so many patterns, so little time. Another hard choice I hate to face, but face it I must. Of course, it is much easier without screaming children's voices, and Mama Mama in my ear.

So I am hoping that in the next few days, you will get to see a few new projects, including one or two for me. In the meantime, I found these lovelies today while blogging.
Found this on Flickr. Lovely combination of fabrics on such a cute model.

Found this on Oliver & S Blog. Great linen Lazy Day Skirt with bias binding.

Everyone knows Iinu. Lovely top and cute cute fabrics.

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