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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dreaming of roses

I finally got a chance to sew up my store orders today. Dropped the kids off at school, and kept Olivia there until the afternoon. It was nice to take a breather, and work at a relaxed pace. I enjoyed the afternoon with the kids much more then I usually do. Of course, it would not be the same if everything ran too smooth, now would it?

Nicolas reached between the bed posts to fetch one of Olivia's barrettes, and did not realize that the space became narrower the further down he reached. His scream sent shivers down my spine. He must of tried to pull his arm through the slot in panic, and of course his arm was swelling by the minute. I managed to calm him down, even though Olivia was screaming that she had a DooDoo diaper, and the phone was ringing all at the same time. I knew that I would have to force his arm up and possibly damage the skin, but there was no other way. I put vaseline on his arm, and slowly slid it upwards, towards the keyhole. It was red and swollen, but after the bath the swelling subsided. Poor Olivia has been constipated ever since the stomach flu, so this was the longest she had not gone, and she cried forever after the fact. Thus the bath! It was only 5pm, but both of them needed it.
Now it is 7:15pm, and both of them are in bed. With any luck they will be out like a light in a matter of minutes. LOL. Ha, what are the chances of that?
In my head, I am already working on my next project. I will give you a hint.....
I love this fabric! It is so Shabby Chic and so girly.

A cute ruffled skirt tutorial as seen on the Grand Revival Blog can be found here. I love this new fabric from the Darla line, which just arrived at my doorstep today. The fabric is gorgeous. Absolutely perfect for interior design and clothing. I could sew this fabric for the next few months and never tire of it.

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