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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it is my birthday, and what a great birthday I had.  My hubby got to come home for one day, and although I was given that sad news yesterday, I just had to block it from my mind.  I knew that we needed to have a nice family day yesterday.  I planned a barbecue and lunch outside.   The weather was just perfect, and it was so relaxing and fun.  I have thoroughly enjoyed spending some quality time with my family.  

I got alot of nice toys for my birthday.  I am not sure which one I should play with first. 
iPhones with Applications
As you can see, I feel pretty spoiled at the moment.  Oh, and my sister's kids sang "Happy Birthday" to me on the phone this morning.  It was so cute.  The best gifts I could ever imagine having are in the pictures below.

I spent a few minutes last night blogging, while my husband packed his clothes.  I still have alot of catching up to do, but there were so many wonderful pictures out there, I thought I should post a few.

This was posted by Naehkiste by Sabine.  She makes such lovely garments.
This one was posted by Nicoleboxer Jang Design.

Posted by Sew Liberated.
oliver + s playsuit 1

Posted by Tanti Colori.  Beautiful.
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