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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where am I?

Well, if I wanted to give you a short explanation, I would say "I got lost in a pile of rubble".  What fun is that?

I have not been able to blog, because I.....well......I lost my computer.  It all started last week, when we got home from vacation.  I was not feeling very good...somewhat depressed....and the only way I knew to get out of it was to start cleaning, and rearranging.  I had no big plans.  None at all.  I just wanted to clean the playroom, which by the way took me three hours.  I never knew Froot Loops could be such a major pain.  They were everywhere, and unless I moved the couch, the fixtures, I could not get to them.  So once I started moving things around, that set off a chain reaction, which not even I expected.

Three days later, almost all of my furniture was sitting in the hallway, and it became a huge maze, which the kids enjoyed.  I moved the crib out of Olivia's room, then added the rocking chair from my room into her room, which gave me room for a desk in the bedroom, which then gave me alot of room in the sewing room.  Must I go on?  I have not finished with everything, but I did manage to find my computer and set it up.  I should have taken pictures, because I cannot remember the last time things got so messy in this house.  I laugh at myself creating so much work, but for some reason I find it therapeutic to get behind dressers and clean.  Insane I know, and believe me I gave myself a royal talking to, while I sat in bed last night with the worst backache.  

The kids are feeling good again.  This was Olivia's first full week of daycare.  I leave her there for 3 hours each day.  She did very well.  She cries whenever I drop her off, but it only takes about one minute then she is smiling again.  I swear she only gives me a hard time.  I forgot my keys in the classroom.  I had left her screaming hysterically, and when I came back 30 seconds later, she was smiling and running.  Kids!  They say she never has a tantrum (I get at least 10 a day), never hits the other children (that is all she does at home), and never cries (I get a full week's worth of tears in one day).

I am happy again, and I desperately need to get everything finished before tomorrow night.  Lance comes home for one day, and then he leaves for six months.   I am going to miss him alot, but let's not tell him that too often.  His head is already sort of swollen, if you know what I mean.  I want him to have wonderful memories of us and the house before he leaves.  Sorry no pictures today, expect the lovely flowers that are being drenched with all this nasty rain.

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