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Monday, May 18, 2009


I once met someone who told me "if your friend(s) don't enhance the quality of your life, then lose them".  I laughed, but later on down the road I realized that there was so much truth to her saying.  

Well, I have a great group of friends.  I have my groupies (LOL) here....
We get together once or twice a week, and the four/five of us laugh, cry and rant.  I love these gals.  Each one of them has a special quality that enhances my life, and I am so happy that I met them.  They fill a void that noone else can.  Together we try and squeeze our whole lives in one hour of playtime, discussing any topic that comes to mind.  It is great, and I would not trade the time we spend together for anything.

Then I have my internet buddies.....
Although we have never met, there are some that contact me via email or my blog.  They are always there giving me great advice on either my sewing, my pictures or my life, whichever seems to be a mess.  They lift my spirits, give me hope and they make me laugh.  These friends also fill a void, and I am happy that I have gotten to know them and that they share their life via the web.  They are a constant inspiration to me.  

I feel richer then ever before having so many friends, and I just wanted to share that.
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