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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hennina Pant 3/2009 - Size 74

Simple, easy to make slip on pants for toddlers are a necessity throughout the summertime. When I saw the Hennina pant pattern, I knew I had to try it. This busy print from Timeless treasures has been sitting on my shelf for two years, and although I love the color I was not so fond of the idea of putting it near her face, so a pant was perfect. Seeing that there are so many beautiful "girly" colors included I can match it to anything in her closet.

The pattern went together very fast and very easy. I am not particuliarly fond of the length. I may add another inch or so, and again the length of the crotch is a bit snug. I may just add a seperate waistband next time. Olivia tried on the pant without a diaper (yes we are pottytraining, can you believe it?) She is so ready and willing to go on her "potty", that it has been a breeze to pottytrain her. Anyways, later I will try on the pant again and correct myself if I am wrong. However, you can see in the picture above that the pant fit quite snug around the buttucks. LOL. Otherwise cute and basic pant pattern. Thank goodness for Ottobre. This is a great issue (3/2009) and it is full of basic patterns for little ones and toddlers. I am going to love this issue.
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