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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just call me Dirty Harry and Frau Klepto

In the midst of all my chaos, there is always something going on in my house that  is worth writing about.  I mean it is hard enough to be alone all the time with two toddlers, but add the other stuff, and you will understand why I pull my hair out all the time, or fall into bed at 9pm.   Yesterday we had five teenage girls come over to use our shower.  Our neighbors, who we love dearly, had thirteen teenage girls at their house for a bible study weekend getaway.  After visiting the beach, they all needed showers, and not only would the hot water run out, but it would take hours to get them all in and out.  So I was more then willing to offer both of my bathrooms.  As one of them finished, my toilet broke.  At least I thought it did.  I quickly called the husband over, after viewing the inside and not making any sense of it whatsoever.  He had it fixed in less then 10 seconds when we removed the VARNISH tab that was stuck in the holey thingy.  

Before the girls arrived I was looking for my IPOD.  That took about 2.5 hours, and I still cannot find it.  I am sure that one of my little rascals swiped it, and I can only hope that they did not put it in the sandbox.  I am still hoping that it will miraculously show up somewhere.  I cleaned out the car, my drawers, underneath the kids beds, and in every purse and bag the kids have ever used.  The only reason I stopped looking was because it was 6:30pm and I had not even begun to make dinner for the kids.  Well Subway sounded good to all of us, so off we went.

I managed to get the kids to bed, sew and watch GREASE and Dirty Dancing.  I was thrilled that my evening was so relaxing, even though I was still upset about my IPOD.  I also managed to get to bed at about 11:00pm, and as usual I take all my vitamins, fiber tablets and medicine before I go to bed.  I have learned to hide the important things from the kids, and when I reached into my secret hiding place, nothing was there.  I don't like skipping my heart medication, especially when I know that my anxiety levels are higher on the weekend.  So I looked.  I remember pulling out the bottle and calling CVS for a refill, so I know they are in the house.  I looked in the bathroom, in my drawers, under the bed, under the covers, everywhere.  Exhausted from looking for over an hour, I finally caved in and decided to go to sleep.  HA! Ever tried going to sleep when something is on your mind.  Twice in one day, I had managed to lose something, and that bugged me.  At about 1:00am I remember seeing Olivia walking around with one of my purses, and went on a scavenger hunt determined to find it.  When I did, I was not all surprised to find my medication.  I guess I will have to place it somewhere high and out of sight for her, but insight for me.

Needless to say, I am tired today.  I managed to sneak in a half hour more sleep when the kids were sitting in front of the TV, but that was all.  It did not matter, because my day was turning out no better then yesterday.  Hubby calls us on Sunday mornings.  I cannot call him, so he makes it a point to call at the same time, on the same day every week.  The phone rings, and Nicolas runs to get it.  The phone keeps ringing, and I yell to Nicolas to hurry up.  Two minutes later the ringing stops, and Nicolas appears with the phone.  What happened I ask?  What took you so long to answer?  When he handed me the phone, a gummibear was stuck to his hand.  Obviously, the sight of gummibears distracted him enough that he pulled a chair up to the counter, grabbed one and then went to the phone.  I missed my call, and I was not happy.  Not only was he not allowed to eat any sweets before lunch, he had not asked me first.  I was really not happy.

Lance did call back later, and we laughed about it, although I did not find it very humorous this morning.  Once I finished talking, I managed to get a few things done.  I cleaned the kids room, but was once again became a bit annoyed at what I found in my son's room.  I am trying to teach him to stay out of mommy's and daddy's things.  Obviously, now I will have to turn to harsher methods because my constant talking to him just is not working.  On his wall was a picture he drew, and 20 brand new stamps stuck all over the place.  Yes, it was a new stamp booklet I had bought on Friday, and yes I did need them to mail Mother's Day Cards first thing Monday morning.   This is why I need to take my anxiety medication, and this why I will not allow the doctor to decrease my dosage.  Oh, and I won't mention the 1 pound of freshly sliced Dry Italian Salami that cost me an arm and a leg, which my son opened and left to harden in the fridge, or the box of Cocoa Puffs I found at my back door, or the gatorade spilled all over my couch, or the lockbox key he stole and hid from us, or the entire bottle of orange juice he spilled on my good chair, and his neatly folded clothes laying all over his floor.  I could continue but why bother, you get the jest of it.

Another weekend of hell, but I sit here and laugh, because in the end it is my problem not theirs, and I am the one that has to find solutions to all these things.  First, I am going to drop them off at school tomorrow, and leave them there all day, so I can have a break.   Second, I locked his clothes in the armoire so he cannot get to them anymore.  Third, I am going to glue his stepladder into place, so he cannot move it anymore.   Fourth, I am locking mommy's bedroom, and fifth I will watch them like a hawk.
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